Alfie Oakes Announces Turning Point USA Ambassadorship for Healthy Eating

July 20, 2021 Updated 3:09 PM ET


by: Tyler Shaw

Florida’s Conservative Voice’s own Alfie Oakes, founder and CEO of Oakes Farms, was a featured guest speaker at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit (SAS).

Alfie introduced himself to the SAS attendees by recapping a news story that first gained Southwest Florida the nation’s attention. One year ago, Fox 4, a local news network, ran a news story that went viral accusing Alfie of endangering the public because he refused to comply with CDC guidelines in his stores. Alfie refuted Fox 4’s accusations saying, “We have 3200 employees. Not one person has died, very few have been sick [with] 8000 people a day coming through our store.”

Alfie continued by discussing the blowback that he and his family received after he spoke out against Black Lives Matter (BLM). After speaking out against BLM, Oakes Farms lost $80 million worth of contracts and he and his family started receiving death threats. Alfie told the SAS attendees that they need to have courage when they’re standing up for what they know is right, “Our founding fathers gave everything for us and we have to stand strong.” 

Alfie closed by announcing that Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point USA, asked him to be the official ambassador of healthy eating for the organization. Alfie talked about the benefits of healthy eating and specifically about the health benefits of eating food that’s locally grown and picked that day. Alfie told the SAS attendees that eating fresh food is key to building a strong immune system saying, “If you have a strong immune system you’ll likely not even know that you had the COVID virus.”

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