Anti-Biden Flag Stirs Up Drama in South Florida Community

March 30, 2022 Updated 9:38 AM ET


March 30, 2022 Updated 9:36 A.M. ET

MIAMI (FCV) – A Miami-Dade homeowner is flying a flag that insults President Biden and all of those who voted for him.

“F- Joe Biden and F- you if you voted for him!,” the flag reads.

Neighbors around the area are complaining about his flag, stating they do not like expletives om the flag given how close they are to a local high school. When the flag owner was asked about his neighbors’ complaints, he responded “That’s their problem!”

The flag owner states that he is protected by the first amendment, and will continue to fly the flag.

Certain types of speech may be prohibited by courts – only they can decide if it falls into First Amendment protection.

Many neighbors who live in the area want the flag gone. One neighbor, Kevin LaChapelle, said “I think about burning it myself”. 

Some neighbors have no problem with the political message, but rather find problem with the expletives on the flag. “People can hide behind freedom of expression but in the state of Florida I can’t have the “F” word on my license plate,” said Michael Rosenberg, a neighbor.

“I’ve seen worse on TV.”

The flag is on private property.

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