Ashley Moody Receives More Votes than Ron DeSantis, Achieves 60% Popular Vote

November 9, 2022 Updated 3:44 PM ET


TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Ron DeSantis is not the only superstar of Florida’s 2022 election.

The Florida executive branch was swept handily by Republicans: Governor, Chief Financial Officer, and Agriculture Commissioner, and Attorney General. Marco Rubio also defeated Val Demings in the U.S. Senate race. All won by double-digit margins.

The candidate who received the most Florida votes, though, according to preliminary results, is Ashley Moody for Attorney General.

Preliminary results find Moody resting at just around 4,645,386 votes (subject to change). She blew out Democrat Aramis Ayala, with around 60.6% of the popular vote to Ayala’s 39.4% – a margin greater than 20%.

DeSantis defeated Charlie Crist by a similar margin, but less: 59.4%-40%.

In addition to Moody’s margin being slightly wider, she is the candidate who received more votes than any other candidate in the state’s election. While Moody received 4.645 million votes, preliminary resounds give DeSantis around 4.607 million votes.

The rest of the cabinet came in next. Jimmy Patronis for Chief Financial Officer received 4.522 million and Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner garnered around 4.504 million. Marco Rubio, for U.S. Senate, totals around 4.468 million.

Read more about Moody’s victory here and the Republican Party of Florida’s history election night here.

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