Attorney General Moody Urges Floridians to Evacuate if Asked, Consider Lives of First Responders

September 26, 2022 Updated 4:11 PM ET


PINELLAS COUNTY (FLV)- Attorney General Ashley Moody advised Floridians to follow all precautionary orders from Florida officials regarding Hurricane Ian to save lives, even if that includes evacuating.

“Folks have been advised, encouraged, pleaded with to evacuate and they chose not to… Law enforcement had to put their lives on the line to go into very dangerous situations to save them… Please consider the lives of your fellow community members, ” Moody said at a presser with Gov. Ron DeSantis.

She shared accounts of her law enforcement counterparts that had to go into perilous conditions to attempt to save those in previous natural disasters who did not heed the state official advice to evacuate. Law enforcement eventually had to go in and save those individuals, risking their own safety and lives. 

Moody also highlighted that unreasonable and illegal price gouging could become an issue as Hurricane Ian moves towards and over Florida.

“We have teams ready to respond, if you see prices extraordinarily increased, so that people cannot afford them,” said Moody.

She is encouraging Floridians to report price gouging on the “No Scam” app.

“No Scam” is an app designed to help people report allegations of price gouging in real-time and allow information on possible violations be sent to the Attorney General’s Office immediately.

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