Biden Administration Forces FL Closure of Monoclonal Antibody Sites, DeSantis Condemns

January 26, 2022 Updated 11:42 AM ET

January 26, 2021 Updated 11:38 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – The Biden Administration has terminated the authorization for treating COVID-19 patients with various monoclonal antibody treatments. Effective immediately, all monoclonal antibody treatment sites in Florida will be closed “until further notice.”

Jeremy Redfern, the Press Secretary for the Florida Department of Health, explained that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration did not give Florida a notice in advance of the rescinding, nor did they provide clinical evidence supporting pulling the plug on the treatments.

FCV spoke with Redfern, who said that Florida wants the federal government to provide clinical data to support their decision.

As FCV reported, during a 9 A.M. call with the federal government, Florida was told that the Merck pill is “ineffective against COVID-19.” However, Florida is still receiving 21,080 courses of the “ineffective therapeutic.”

The Florida government is asking why the Biden Administration is shutting off monoclonal treatments without clinical evidence supporting their decision, whilst simultaneously sending a treatment proven to be ineffective.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) condemned the Biden Administration for their decision to revoke monoclonal authorization.

“Without a shred of clinical data to support this action, Biden has forced trained medical professionals to choose between treating their patients or breaking the law,” DeSantis remarked.

“This indefensible edict takes treatment out of the hands of medical professionals and will cost some Americans their lives. There are real-world implications to Biden’s medical authoritarianism – Americans’ access to treatments is now subject to the whims of a failing president.”

Ian Sams, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson, incorrectly claimed on social media that DeSantis is “more interested in promoting medicine that don’t work than urging people to take vaccines that do.”

Vaccines do not prevent the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, DeSantis has pushed vaccines throughout the pandemic, and was even targeted in a 60 minutes hit-piece during his vaccine push.

Kyle Lamb, a member of DeSantis’ office in data analytics, pointed out to Sams that Regeneron does work against the COVID-19 variant causing a “large majority” of severe illnesses in Florida:

Critics of the federal government’s decision point out that even though Omicron is prevalent, other variants still exist and people sick with those variants of COVID-19 may be left with a higher likelihood of death.

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