Biden Stumble Proves Media Bias

March 19, 2021 Updated 2:29 PM ET


It was the trip up the stairs heard around the World. President Joe Biden’s stumble walking up to Air Force One is dominating social media.

Sure, it’s easy to get a good laugh out of it, but it’s really not funny.

We’re watching a 78 year old man struggle on a daily basis. Nearly 60 days in office and his staff still won’t let him hold a press conference. Why is that? More than likely, it’s a cognitive decline they’re hiding from us.

Even after falling, he stumbled a couple more times. No one should be laughing at a guy that clearly isn’t all there. We should be questioning those close to him. How much longer are they going to put this guy through this charade?

Most importantly, the media once again shows us their true colors. They’re nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party.

Remember when former President Donald Trump gingerly walked on stairs? Well here are the headlines that followed…

This time around? The headlines favor Biden far more…

The White House says Biden is fine and the wind made him stumble. Uhm, what? Have you ever been tripped by a casual wind gust?

These are the questions and thoughts reporters should be having. They’re supposed to be skeptical of everything. Never taking anything for face value, especially from the Government.

But, alas, this is Joe Biden’s America. The media are his pawns. Or Kamala’s?

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