Biden to Threaten Legal Action Against DeSantis and Other Governors Who Ban Mask Mandates in Schools

March 22, 2022 Updated 11:11 AM ET


August 18, 2021 Updated 10:03 P.M. ET

NAPLES, FL – At a press conference Wednesday, President Joe Biden (D) railed against governors who have banned mask mandates in public schools.

Biden is expected to announce potential legal action that will be taken by the federal government against states like Florida who have prohibited mask mandates in schools.

“I’m gonna say a lot more about children in schools next week,” he remarked.

The power struggle between the federal and state governments regarding COVID-19 restrictions is ongoing, with Florida, Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Tennessee all implementing measures to prohibit mask mandates in public schools. 

Florida Governor RonDeSantis came under fire from Biden and Democrats in recent weeks because of their at-odds approach to handling COVID-19. DeSantis supports liberty and freedom while Democrats by-and-large support restrictions and mandates.

Recently, several Florida school districts have defied DeSantis’ executive order enforcing a law that gives parents the right to choose whether or not students wear a mask in school. 

The Florida government has threatened the removal of school officials who defy Florida law. 

It is unclear the authority the federal government has relating to state school districts. Funding usually comes from the state budget, but some grants and funds may be revoked or withheld until states comply with a federal ultimatum.

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