Brevard County Teacher Raising Money to Give Kids Books ‘Challenged’ in Schools Due to ‘Explicit Content’

July 14, 2022 Updated 1:37 PM ET


July 14, 2022 Updated 1:35 P.M. ET

BREVARD COUNTY (FLV) – A Brevard County teacher is raising money to buy “challenged” books that have been taken out of classrooms and school libraries because one group said they contain explicit material. 

Moms for Liberty Brevard challenged 41 books in school libraries. The group said some of these books detail sexual encounters and include violent rapes. 

“These books specifically violate Florida statute so Florida law says that you cannot have pornographic materials in the schools,” said Ashley Hall with Moms for Liberty Brevard. 

Advanced Placement English Teacher Adam Tritt started a gofundme to buy the books and distribute them at other locations in the county. The GoFundMe has raised more than $28,000.

“I will make it available, getting as many as I can into as many hands as I can,” Tritt said. “I plan to purchase used copies (locally, whenever available) to distribute to age-appropriate students at various locations in our county over the summer.”

The next “banned book distribution event” is July 15.

Some of these challenged books include The Bluest Eye, This book is Gay, Infandous, tilt, and Triangles. The Moms for Liberty Brevard Facebook page documents the pages and quotes with the explicit content. 

Mom for Liberty Brevard has said on Facebook they are not “banning” books and support independent book stores selling materials.

“Unlike the school libraries, parents can consent to the purchase of these books with their children if they so choose,” a Facebook post said.

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