Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Agrees to Step Down Before Board Members Vote Him Out

November 23, 2022 Updated 11:31 AM ET

Source: Brevard County Schools
Source: Brevard County Schools

BREVARD COUNTY (FLV) – Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Mark Mullins said Tuesday he would step down after newly-elected school board members expressed their interest for a change in leadership during their first public meeting, according to reports.

School Board member Megan Wright brought up looking into the superintendent’s contract with the board.

“We have lost our focus on what we’re supposed to be doing, and we’re only as strong as our leaders are. I have respect for our superintendent, but the public’s perception, Dr. Mullins, is that you are the leader and what they’re calling for is a strong leader,” Wright said.

Wright’s proposal gained support from other school board members Matt Susin and Gene Trent.

Board members Katye Cambell and Jennifer Jenkins were not supportive of this decision.

Mullins reportedly volunteered to step down before the members could vote.

He will now discuss a separation agreement with the board chair that will be mutually agreed upon and come back before the board.

“This community has not only given me the opportunity to serve as an educator, to serve as a leader, but it has also contributed to raising my own children,” said Mullins.

“I have said very publicly that this community I consider partly responsible for the success my own children have today. Very proud of them, proud of what Brevard Public Schools has provided my own children.”

Mullins was previously appointed as Superintendent of Brevard Schools in July of 2018.

This move comes after another Florida school district also shift leadership recently as new board members came into power.

Last week, Broward County Superintendent Vickie Cartwright was fired after a surprise motion during a school board meeting late Monday night.

School Board member Daniel Foganholi made the motion after board members “expressed anger over scathing audits related to two district vendors,” according to reports.

Reports say Cartwright has been “frequently accused of failing to fix a problematic culture in the district.”

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