Broward County Policy Book Allows Boys to Room, Shower with Girls Based on “Gender Identity”

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

April 29, 2022 Updated 3:06 PM ET

"Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning + Critical Support Guide," Broward Schools, 2020.

April 29, 2022 Updated 3:06 P.M. ET

BROWARD COUNTY (FLV) – According to the Broward County Schools LGBTQ Critical Support Guide, students are supposed to be allowed to room with the corresponding “gender identity,” no matter their biological sex.

On page 42 of the guide, under DAY AND OVERNIGHT FIELD TRIPS, the policy reads, “If students are to be separated based on gender, the transgender student should be allowed to room with peers that match their gender identity.

The school system says that allowing boys to room with girls prevents students from “being marginalized.”

“A school should honor transgender students’ requests whenever possible and
make adjustments to prevent the student from being marginalized because of those
alternative arrangements.”

The guide also says to ensure that affirmed “gender pronouns, room assignments, chaperones and showers are accurate and aligned with the student’s core gender identity.”

It does note that “single stall or private shower facilities are appropriate,” and that schools “should consider” creating a schedule for communal facility use.

The guide also asserts that students “must be permitted” to use restrooms corresponding to their asserted gender identity, along with playing on matching sports teams.

Broward’s “Guidelines for an Inclusive Curriculum” say that “diversity” must be promoted in the classroom by “being inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community” via “literature written by LGBTQ+ authors” and the “positive inclusion of LGBTQ+ historical figures,” (pages 4-5).

“Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning + Critical Support Guide,” Broward Schools, 2020.

FLV reached out to the Broward County School Board and Superintendent Vickie L. Cartwright on the support guide and did not receive a response.

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