Byron Donalds Introduces First Bill to Help Combat Algal Blooms

March 17, 2021 Updated 3:58 PM ET

byron donalds

Congressman Byron Donalds (FL19) is tackling our water quality issues head on with his first bill as a member of the US House.

The Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Essential Forecasting Act of 2021 is receiving bipartisan support. If passed, this legislation would guarantee algal bloom watch dogs would continue to work even if there’s a government shutdown.

“Safeguarding the American people’s health and our coastal ecosystems requires the vital collaboration of the federal, state, and local governments. This necessary legislation guarantees the federal government’s role in this mission.”

US Congressman Byron Donalds

Donalds is no stranger to the water quality crisis in Florida. Both East and West Coasts of the state endured a devastating Summer in 2018. Blue-green algae clogged most waterways. Seriously hurting the economy and keeping tourists away.

Since then, we’ve been relatively lucky with algae, but Lake Okeechobee is nearly filled to it’s max as we approach rainy season.

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