Captains for Clean Water Accepts More Than $200,000 From Liberal Special Interests

By Brendon Leslie, Florida's Voice

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:16 PM ET


Florida’s Conservative Voice has been actively reviewing the finances of Captains for Clean Water, a registered 501c3 in Florida.

Our investigation revealed that they have accepted at least $237,000 in cash grants from the Everglades Foundation (EF) since 2016 according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 990 forms. This total does not include 2019 and 2021.

Recently, Captains has undergone intense scrutiny in response to possible corrupt, politically motivated dealings. 

The Army Corps of Engineers is constructing a new Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual (LOSOM). The guide will determine how much water is discharged and in which direction it is flowing for the next 10 years. Their new guidance, which the Captains publicly supported, will send the most water to date through the Caloosahatchee River to Southwest Florida. 

Critics point out the strong risk of blooming blue green algae every summer as a result.

It is interesting to see a group advocate for more discharges in SWFL when the group’s mission was originally to eliminate them entirely. The cash grants are starting to illustrate the reason for the sudden shift in the Captains’ motives.

EF is another “environmental” group, founded by liberal billionaire, Paul Tudor Jones.

Jones donated a large amount of money to Joe Biden’s campaign in the 2020 election. After his inauguration, Biden quickly appointed former EF Chief Operating Officer, Shannon Estenoz, to the U.S. Interior Department.

Most recently, Bloomberg reported that Jones donated five figures to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s campaign in New York despite the sexual harassment claims and COVID nursing home scandal.

These are just a few of the many ties the group has to the Left-wing Establishment.

Jones also has a long history of demonizing farmers in Florida with his group, attacking farmers’ property rights. Sources tell Florida’s Conservative Voice that the EF is hellbent on eliminating farmers from the state and is not necessarily focused on clean water.

LOSOM heavily favors the East Coast of Florida by nearly eliminating discharges down the St. Lucie River. A waterway which flows into U.S. Congressman and close ally of the EF, Brian Mast’s district.

Mast and the EF have long advocated for this, consistently telling the public to send the water south. Scientists have confirmed to Florida’s Conservative Voice there is no more room to send water south. When presented with this information, EF and Mast misleadingly double down and insist that the sugar farmers are in the way. 

Farmers are in the way, as is Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami and all of South Florida.

These left-wing “environmentalists” have made a reputation of pushing misinformation, and for unknown reasons, the Army Corps of Engineers are buying in. The succeeding result is a LOSOM plan sending the majority of discharges to SWFL.

Most importantly, the Captains are involved in all of this. 

As mentioned, the Captains are receiving a large sum of money from the EF. In 2017, one year after the Captains began collecting their checks, Newspress reported how organizations the EF gives money to “must agree to participate in weekly call-ins to coordinate efforts.”

The entire agenda, all of the talking points – everything – are being directed by the same liberal special interest group, the Everglades Foundation. The Captains haven’t denied any the quid pro quo of selling out SWFL for money.

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