Captains for Clean Water Caught Lying, Pushing Leftist Agenda

February 17, 2022 Updated 9:20 AM ET

Radical environmentalist groups Captains for Clean Water and the Everglades Foundation LIED about the now-approved bipartisan SB 2508, claiming that the bill would “lead to miles and miles of dead fish,” it would cut funding to the EAA Reservoir Project, and that it would lower water quality. These talking points are false and FCV Founder and Editor-in-Chief Brendon Leslie is exposing their dishonest attempts to sabotage this bill and give President Joe Biden control over Florida’s water.

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Florida’s Voice is a patriotic news network that you can trust to deliver the truth with no hidden agenda. Founder and Editor in Chief Brendon Leslie left his job in mainstream news to practice journalism as it should be, unbiased and unbossed.

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