Casey DeSantis Blasts Nikki Fried for Comparing Ron DeSantis to Hitler

January 17, 2022 Updated 6:42 PM ET

January 17, 2022 Updated 6:31 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis condemned a “disgraceful attack” on her husband by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried.

“This comparison is repulsive, offensive, and minimizes Hitler’s evil crimes against humanity,” she continued.

“Instead of listening and trying to govern with the people, he’s trying to govern over the people. And that, I’m sorry, I’m a student of history too. I saw the rise of Hitler. I learned those stories,” Fried said.

Fried stood her ground when asked if she believed DeSantis was similar to Hitler.

“In a lot of ways, yes,” Fried exclaimed to interviewer Melissa Ross. “I have studied Hitler and how he got to power. Wanting his own militia. Having his own army.”

“Do I think that we’re going to get to the extent of Hitler’s power? Of course not. But the rise of his power and what he did to scapegoat certain parts, especially the Jewish community in Germany, and how he utilized going after the media, going after and scapegoating people and blaming people and putting fear and taking over the military, that’s what this Governor is doing,” Fried said.

Fried’s comments got a rebuke from the Governor’s Office.

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