Casey DeSantis Surprises The Villages Residents’ ‘DeSantis Playbook Club’ Meeting

September 1, 2022 Updated 3:43 PM ET

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THE VILLAGES (FLV) – Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis announced she “surprised some friends” in The Villages, where residents were hosting a “DeSantis Playbook Club” meeting as part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ re-election campaign.

“Wonderful to see Floridians discuss the ways our Freedom Agenda has made our state a beacon of hope for the world,” she said. “Host your own DeSantis Playbook Club by visiting!”

The DeSantis re-election campaign launched the DeSantis Playbook to help educate voters on his stances regarding hot-button issues relating to Florida.

On the campaign’s website, users can select from a drop down menu which issue they want DeSantis’ position on, including education, economy, public safety, environment, election integrity, family values, veteran & military, and fighting special interests.

“We are honored to have the support of great Floridians like you who love our country, honor our heritage, respect our flag, and proudly embrace our Freedom Agenda. You understand the value of safe communities, environmental preservation, a strong economy, and an education system that respects your rights and supports your students,” they say.

“We need your help to make sure Florida remains the freest state in the nation. Please share our DeSantis Playbook with your family, friends, and neighbors. We need everyone in the fight to Keep Florida Free!”

DeSantis’ Freedom Agenda includes:
– Putting Kids First and Protecting Parents’ Rights
– Florida’s Economy is Outpacing the Nation
– Keeping Our Communities Safe
– The Environment: Keeping Florida Beautiful
– Protecting the Integrity of Our Elections
– Standing Up for Moms and Florida Families
– Florida: The Most Veteran-Friendly and Pro-Military State
– Fighting Special Interests

The campaign also lists First Lady Casey DeSantis’ initiatives for the Sunshine State:
– Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity
– Resiliency Florida
– Continue the Mission
– The Facts. Your Future.
– Florida Cancer Connect
– Hope for Healing

Learn more about Ron DeSantis here and Casey DeSantis here.

They encourage Floridians looking to help re-elect DeSantis in Nov.’s midterm election to host a “DeSantis playbook club meeting,” with the provided packet available here.

As of August, DeSantis has more than $135 million in his campaign war chest, vastly outpacing his challengers.

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