Congressman Byron Donalds Raises $1.1M in Second Quarter

July 15, 2021 Updated 3:17 PM ET


by: Tyler Shaw

Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida’s 19th congressional district had an incredibly successful second fundraising quarter, raising over $1.1 million in three months. 

This is a nearly 200% increase from his first fundraising quarter where he raised $335,000.

Perhaps more impressive than the dollar amount raised is that, according to his spokesman, the Congressman received over 18,000 individual contributions from all 50 states.

Donalds, a freshman in the United States House of Representatives, began receiving media attention on a national stage when the Congressional Black Caucus did not invite him to join. The Congressman has continued to make a splash in Washington DC, recently writing a widely shared op-ed in the Washington Times pushing back against critical race theory.

When asked by Brendon Leslie, founder and editor-in-chief of Florida’s Conservative Voice, why his second fundraising quarter was so successful Congressman Donalds gave the following statement, “People are just resonating with the things I talk about. They see me on their television sets, you know, probably too much these days. But it’s really just about being consistent, being committed to conservative principles, and being committed to the greatest nation the world has ever known.” 

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