Cory Mills: House Should Audit Ukraine Aid, Will Not Vote for Further Funding

November 15, 2022 Updated 4:49 PM ET


WASHINGTON (FLV) – At the House Republicans’ closed-door Candidate Forum for Leadership positions on Monday, U.S. Congressman-Elect Cory Mills, R-FL, asked that leadership pledge to commit to a 100% audit of aid to Ukraine.

Mills told Florida’s Voice, “I personally would not vote for any continuance of funding.” He said that previously approved funding should be 100% audited.

A week after being elected for the Florida’s 7th Congressional District seat, Mills wasted no time – voicing his opinion of the aid, which has now reached more than $17.5 billion, including weapons and other equipment to Ukraine, according to Fox News.

“We’re stewards of the American taxpayer’s money and we should be more fiscally responsible on how we allocate funding,” Mills told Florida’s Voice. “I am an incoming freshman and I’m not going to be silenced. You have to earn my vote. I’m elected by the people – not the party.”

“The American taxpayers deserve full transparency on how our money is being spent,” Mills said on Twitter.

Mills said he believes the message was well-received by many at the forum.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-GA, has also supported an audit into the funding for Ukraine.

Republicans were scheduled to pick conference leaders on Tuesday despite either party securing control of the House.

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