Cory Mills Calls ‘Lies’ From Anthony Sabatini’s Campaign Speech an ‘Act of Desperation’

June 15, 2022 Updated 6:12 PM ET

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June 15, 2022 Updated 6:12 P.M. ET

VOLUSIA COUNTY (FLV) – Combat veteran Cory Mills said State Rep. Anthony Sabatini lied during a campaign speech as both candidates vie to serve as the next U.S. Rep. for Florida’s 7th Congressional District. 

They gave short speeches at a Volusia County Republican meeting last week where Sabatini made claims Cory Mills says are false and out of context, which the Floridian Press first reported.

Sabatini’s speech included allegations that Mills never voted in Florida, has “no connection” to Florida, gave $50,000 to Kevin McCarthy, and was not appointed by Trump. 

“My initial thought was that he must have seen the polls and this is an act of desperation,” Mills told Florida’s Voice.

Mills said his internal polling numbers show him leading Sabatini by almost 4 points. Florida’s Voice Reached out to Rep. Anthony Sabatini for a comment but did not hear back.

Here is a breakdown of Sabatini’s claims about Mills:

“Has no connection to the state of Florida”

Mills said he is a sixth generation Floridian and provided his first drivers license issued in October of 1996. Mills said he went to high school and college in Florida and owns a business in Perry, Florida.

“So is that truly how it works? When I’m deployed for 10 plus years of my life, then you’re no longer a Floridian?” Mills said about Sabatini’s statement. 

“Never voted in the state of Florida”

Mills told Florida’s Voice he started his military career in 1999 and was deployed overseas from 2003 to about 2016 where he missed the elections. 

Mills served in Kosovo and conducted rescue missions in Afghanistan. He registered to vote in Orange County May 23, 2022 according to Florida Department of State records.

“Gave $50,000 to Kevin McCarthy. The biggest RINO (Republican in Name Only) who hates Donald Trump.”

Mills said he gave $50,000 on behalf of Congressman Jim Jordan to see President Trump at a dinner. He said he donated $5,600 to McCarthy in 2019. 

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy and former President Donald Trump had a falling out after recordings leaked of McCarthy saying he would advice Trump to resign if impeached following January 6th of 2022. Even though the two say they have mended the relationship, McCarthy-linked powerful PAC aims to elect Republicans across the country, including some seats against Trump-backed candidates. Sabatini has criticized McCarthy for being a “weak and spineless” member of the Republican establishment.

Trump endorsed McCarthy for another term in Congress in June of 2022.

“He is not Trump-appointed”

A press release from the Department of Defense shows the Trump administration appointed Cory Mills to the Defense Business Board Dec. 4, 2020. characterized the appointees as “Trump loyalists.” 

“It’s 30 second research for anyone to Google online and they would find that I was a Trump appointee at the Department of Defense,” Mills said. 

Watch Sabatini’s remarks below:

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