Court Reinstates DeSantis’ Redistricting Map that Favors GOP, Nixes Racially Gerrymandered District

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

May 20, 2022 Updated 12:49 PM ET

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May 20, 2022 Updated 11:58 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – A federal appeals court Friday reinstated the congressional map Gov. Ron DeSantis signed that could give Republicans more seats. 

A lower court had previously granted a temporary injunction earlier this month to prevent the map from going into effect for the primary election. The judge said congressional map is likely unconstitutional because it “diminishes African Americans’ ability to elect the representative of their choice.”

However on Friday, the appeals court said based on preliminary review there is a “high likelihood” that the temporary injunction is “unlawful.” This means DeSantis’ map is in effect.

“We’re pleased with the First District Court of Appeal’s decision to reinstate the automatic stay. As the First District correctly noted, there is a high likelihood that the circuit court’s temporary injunction is unlawful,” Governor Press Secretary Christina Pushaw said.

Campaigns are ramping up as Florida’s primary election is right around the corner in August.

“To avoid uncertainty and confusion in the upcoming 2022 primary and general elections, it’s important to move forward expeditiously to implement the congressional map passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor,” Pushaw said.

The court’s order said “the stay of the temporary injunction is reinstated pending the court’s disposition of the motion for review of the trial court’s vacatur of the automatic stay, which will be promptly forthcoming.”

Ron DeSantis redistricting map for 2022 Special Legislative Session (@MappingFL, Twitter)

The map DeSantis signed eliminates two districts, District 5 and District 10, that are drawn in favor of a minority black population to elect a Democrat in their respective districts. 

The Governor’s executive chief of staff said District 10 in Orange County does not have a significant amount of minorities to elect a candidate of their choice. That district is 26% black. 

Republicans said the new map is constitutional and avoids racial gerrymandering while Democrats claim it disenfranchises black voters and violates the Fair Districts amendment Florida voters passed in 2010.

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