“Damn it Feels Good to Be Here,” Casey DeSantis Says After Beating Cancer

May 10, 2022 Updated 3:23 PM ET


May 10, 2022 Updated 3:20 P.M. ET

THE VILLAGES (FLV) – Florida’s First Lady, Casey DeSantis, returned to the campaign trail with Gov. Ron DeSantis Monday evening after battling cancer.  

Casey DeSantis spoke at the “DeSantis Day Dinner” in The Villages. 

“Governor I don’t know if this sounds very first lady like, but damn it feels good to be here,” she exclaimed. 

Casey DeSantis’ cancer diagnosis was announced in October. 

“No matter what you’re going through in life. No matter how hard things seem like they are. No matter how hard it feels like you have to pick yourself up off the ground or you feel like your back is against the wall. Fight. Fight like hell,” she said. “Never ever give up. Never ever back down.”

She finished chemotherapy treatments in late January and Governor DeSantis announced in March she is cancer free

“I am a testament that God is great. God is good,” Casey DeSantis said. 

Governor DeSantis is leading both Democrat opponents in the Governor’s race. DeSantis leads Democrat Charlie Crist by 8.8 points and Nikki Fried by 12.8 points. 

Florida’s primaries are August 23rd. 

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