Democrat AG Candidate Seen At Pro-Abortion Rally Next to Satanists

May 11, 2022 Updated 4:03 PM ET

aramis satanists

May 11, 2022  Updated 4:02 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Democrat Attorney General Candidate Aramis Ayala was seen standing at a pro-abortion rally next to people who represent The Satanic Temple. 

Aramis Ayala is facing Daniel Uhlfelder in the Democratic primary for Florida’s attorney general seat. The Democrat would face current Attorney General Ashley Moody, a Republican.  

“There is one serious Democrat candidate for AG in Florida: Aramis Ayala. The other one is a sideshow. Interestingly, @Fla_Pol ‘reports’ on the sideshow as though he’s serious, but ignored this incident from last week where Ayala stood alongside Satanists at a pro-abortion rally,” said Governor Ron DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw. 

Pushaw is referring to an article this week from Florida Politics where she was accused of promoting a tweet insinuating Uhlfelder was at a Nazi rally. 

Pushaw replied to a tweet with the comment “masks?” The tweet she replied to had a picture of people wearing masks at an apparent Nazi rally in Orlando with text claiming a Jewish Democrat Attorney General candidate is “pushing” the rally. 

“I just commented ‘masks?’ Because I found it odd that the demonstrators were wearing masks outdoors in the Orlando heat,” Pushaw said in an email.

On Ayala’s campaign website, she points to protecting “First Amendment Rights of Black Lives Matters protestors” and that she “Relentlessly pursued justice for hate crimes.” She received multiple endorsements when she initially planned to take Val Deming’s seat as U.S. Representative, but her sights turned to the attorney general’s race.

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