Democrat Candidate Rebekah Jones to Stand Trial For Allegedly Illegally Accessing DOH Computers

September 7, 2022 Updated 11:07 AM ET


TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Democrat congressional candidate and former Florida Department of Health worker Rebekah Jones will reportedly face trial January 23, 2023.

Jones is accused of illegally accessing the Department of Health Computer network. The department said Jones downloaded confidential data and saved it to her devices. Jones helped build the state’s first COVID-19 dashboard.

The trial date is set about two months after the November election where Jones faces incumbent Congressman Matt Gaetz in Florida’s First Congressional District.

Jones claims she is a “whistleblower” and said the Department of Health asked her to “falsify” COVID data. However, a May of 2022 inspector general report shows that the fired employee made “unsubstantiated” claims.

Fired FL Health Dept. Employee Rebekah Jones Made ‘Unsubstantiated’ Claims of Scrubbing COVID Data, Health Officials ‘Exonerated’

Health officials accused by Jones of wrongdoing were also “exonerated” for removing a data section on the website to protect people’s private health information. 

NBC reports that Jones was portrayed in the report as someone who did not understand public health policy and did not have access to crucial information that was not released publicly. 

In December of 2020, state police agents raided Jones home and alleged that she illegally accessed a state emergency-alert messaging system.

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