Democrat Charlie Crist Supports Abortion, Attacks DeSantis for Signing Pro-Life Law

April 18, 2022 Updated 10:09 AM ET


April 18, 2022 Updated 10:08 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Democrat candidate for governor Charlie Crist attacked Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a bill to ban majority of abortions after 15 weeks. 

“Free State of Florida? Not when you’re banning a women’s [sic] right to choose, Ron. As Governor, I’ll veto any effort to restrict a woman’s right to control her own body,” Crist said. 

Governor DeSantis signed the 15-week abortion ban bill into law at a church Thursday. 

“This is a time where these babies have beating hearts. They can move. They can taste,” DeSantis said. “We are here today to protect life. We are here today to defend those who can’t defend themselves.”

The law says abortions are banned after 15 weeks unless two physicians certify in writing that, in reasonable medical judgement, the termination of the pregnancy is necessary to save a pregnant woman’s life or stop her from facing irreversible physical impairment other than a psychological condition. 

“Ron DeSantis just signed the strictest abortion ban in Florida history — no exceptions for rape or incest. It’s shameful, wrong and unconstitutional,” Crist said on twitter. 

Democratic Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried who is running for Governor spoke out against the abortion ban DeSantis signed.  

“Today is a disappointing, frustrating day in Florida, particularly if you are a woman,” Fried said. “Ron DeSantis signed a despicable 15-week abortion ban with no exception for rape, incest, or human trafficking.”

Crist currently serves as a U.S. Representative for Florida’s 13th district. Crist and Fried are the top contenders for the Democratic nomination in the Governor’s race. 

The RealClearPolitics average polling data showed DeSantis leading at 50.4% with Crist at 41.6%. The average polling data showed DeSantis leading at 52% with Fried at 39.2%.

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