Democrat Lisa King Tries to Dox, Politicize School of Ron DeSantis’ Kids

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:14 PM ET


Sunday afternoon, Democrat Lisa King tried to publicly name the school that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) sends his kids to. 

The tweet reads, “Can someone verify if [name of the school], where the Governor sends his kids, has set a policy of mandatory masks?” 

King has 5,000 followers and the Tweet is garnering outcry from conservatives.

Florida’s Conservative Voice normally links to tweets to prove their authenticity. In this case, the tweet in question may contain private information relating to DeSantis’ children and a screenshot with the private information blacked out is displayed. The authenticity of the tweet has been confirmed and archived. 

Floridian Press reported on other users who tweeted the school out. 

Notably, Roseanne Wood, a Leon County School Board member, was the source of the information regarding the school. Wood uploaded a post reversing her claim that DeSantis’ kids attend the school in question.

King’s tweet comes after DeSantis enacts a new executive order barring public schools in Florida from requiring masks. The order enforces a Florida law that focuses on protecting parents’ right to choose how their child moves through the education system in Florida. 

Parents may make the decision as to whether their children wear a mask, according to the order.

Conservatives point out that the tweet is seemingly attempting to fish for a self-interest DeSantis might have in issuing the new executive order. Rather than simply supporting freedom, King is begging the question that DeSantis enacted the new order simply in response to a mask mandate potentially issued by the school his children supposedly attend.

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