DeSantis Admin Fires Back at Biden Tweet Claiming Florida Leaders are ‘Not On the Side of Police’

July 26, 2022 Updated 11:22 AM ET

President Joe Biden and Gov. Ron DeSantis (Gage Skidmore).
President Joe Biden and Gov. Ron DeSantis (Gage Skidmore).

July 26, 2022 Updated 11:22 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Christina Pushaw, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, fired back at President Joe Biden’s Tweet claiming Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Florida leaders are “not on the side of police.”

“Leaders like Governor DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio, and Senator Rick Scott are all opposed to banning assault weapons,” Biden said in a Tweet Monday.

“And to me, it’s simple. If you can’t support banning weapons of war on America’s streets, you’re not on the side of police.”

However, Pushaw said the President’s message is another way to deflect from his own administration as inflation and gas prices remain at staggering rates.

“Clearly, President Biden has nothing to say about his own administration’s failures, which is why he is attacking politicians from the great state of Florida,” Pushaw said. “Under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, Florida has emerged as a national success story in contrast to the federal government’s dysfunction.”

The DeSantis Administration announced Friday that Florida’s statewide unemployment dropped to 2.8%, declining for 23 consecutive months, “despite national economic conditions.”

“Despite Biden administration policies that have produced record inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and slowing national GDP, Florida continues to outpace the nation with strong job growth and an increasing labor force,” DeSantis said.

“What is the definition of an “assault weapon”? Honestly, I have no idea what Biden is referring to here,” Pushaw said in a statement. “Governor DeSantis’ duty is to uphold the Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment.”

DeSantis has reiterated support for “constitutional carry” which allows someone to legally carry a firearm without a permit.

“What you don’t want is to have a gun government bureaucrat stymie your ability to exercise your constitutional rights,” DeSantis has said. “I think that’s been the concern that people have had.”

There are 24 other states with constitutional carry or permitless carry laws on the books.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation this year to provide $5,000 for new law enforcement recruits who decide to serve in Florida. It also covers up to $1,000 for any necessary equivalent training programs for officers relocating to Florida. 

In May, the governor also announced a program to help teachers and officials including law enforcement, paramedics and correctional officers buy their first homes.

“If you’re somebody that is here serving our community in those vital roles, you now have the ability through our Hometown Heroes program to get assistance to be able to purchase that first home now, to honor those who have served and sacrificed for our country,” DeSantis said. 

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