DeSantis Announces 50% Discount Plan on All State Toll Roads: ‘We Need to Return Those Revenues Back to Taxpayers’

September 7, 2022 Updated 1:52 PM ET

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs the largest tax relief in Florida's history
Gov. Ron DeSantis signs the largest tax relief in Florida's history

MIAMI (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis proposed a plan that would give frequent toll drivers a 50% discount on all Florida toll roads.

The governor said part of Florida’s budget surplus would be used for the discount, which the governor said would save the average commuter $550 in one year. He expects 750,000 people would benefit from the proposal.

“We’ve been good stewards of the economy and the taxpayer dollars, you know, we’ve been blessed to have a lot of people invest in Florida,” DeSantis explained. “People have wanted to move here, our revenues are strong, and we need to return those revenues back to taxpayers.”

The governor’s plan outlines that Floridians who use toll transponders like SunPass and E-PASS and have 40 or more transactions a month would receive a 50% credit on their monthly bill. However, state lawmakers would need to approve the plan and can make changes.

“For over a decade, I have fought tirelessly to ensure that our expressway authorities, specifically Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, were being transparent and accountable to Floridians, as well as providing much-needed toll relief,” said Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez. “This expanded toll savings program has the potential to positively impact families in South Florida and beyond. I join Governor DeSantis in calling on the Legislature to pass this important piece of legislation during the 2023 Legislative Session.” 

If lawmakers approve the plan, it would apply to all toll roads across the state from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024.

DeSantis: SunPass Discounts On the Way for Commuters

In August, DeSantis announced that some Florida drivers could receive SunPass discounts for their daily commutes beginning September 1st. About 400,000 SunPass customers using FDOT and turnpike operating roads would benefit.

However, the program did not affect many commuters in Miami-Dade County because the governor did not have the executive authority to implement discounts on certain toll roads.

“This is a good idea. I’m glad we did it,” he said Wednesday. “We need to do something bold or with the help of the legislature.”

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