DeSantis Announces Plan to Fight CCP, Ban Chinese Land Buyouts Near Military Installations

September 22, 2022 Updated 3:38 PM ET

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MIAMI (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order and proposed legislation in an effort to limit regimes like the Chinese Communist Party from obtaining Floridians’ private information.

DeSantis announced a signed executive order that would ban state government entities from procuring tech commodities and services from companies owned and controlled by China and other countries of concern. The other countries include Iran, Russia and Cuba.

“The last thing we want to see is the CCP getting their mitts onto people’s personal information,” DeSantis said. “This will prevent the exposure of Floridians’ personal information and technology systems in Florida to foreign entities and bad actors.”

He expressed concern about countries using technology to obtain personal information of Americans like driver’s license info and school data.

“I think it’s a huge national security risk that TikTok, we didn’t combat it earlier,” he said. “And you’re seeing this across the board.”

The governor also wants legislation proposed for the next session to prohibit government entities from contracting with companies owned by or controlled by foreign countries of concern, if the contract provides access to Floridians’ personal information.

“We want all of your information secured,” he explained. “So this is things like social security numbers, it’s things like your medical records that should not be in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.”

There are times where a company will claim they are private, but the governor said, “if you peel back the onion,” those companies are evidently controlled by the Chinese government.

Chinese companies have bought land near military bases in the United States, alarming DeSantis and other leaders in the country. He proposed legislation to ban countries like China from purchasing lands near U.S. military bases.

“Well, of course, they want to get intelligence. They want to know what’s going on here in the United States,” DeSantis said.

Another proposal includes preventing higher education institutions in Florida from receiving gifts from individuals, private entities, or government organizations from a foreign country of concern.

“We have seen instances of supposedly private citizen grad students who come to American universities under false pretenses and then take intellectual property and know how, before going back to China, so we’re going to work very hard on this,” DeSantis said.

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