DeSantis Appoints Pedro Allende as Florida Department of Management Services Secretary

June 28, 2022 Updated 1:02 PM ET


June 28, 2022 Updated 1:02 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed Pedro Allende to serve as the Secretary of the Florida Department of Management Services. 

“I am pleased to appoint Pedro Allende as Secretary of the Department of Management Services,” DeSantis said. “His knowledge and experience protecting critical infrastructure against cybersecurity threats will bolster our efforts to protect Floridians’ data and keep our communities safe.”

Allende has been a member of Florida’s Cybersecurity Advisory Council since September of 2021. He also served as Deputy Assistant of Homeland Security where he led policy development to protect United States critical infrastructure against cyber, physical and natural threats. 

Allende also oversaw policy efforts to increase state and local government’s abilities to prepare, respond, and recover. 

The Department of Management Services is the business arm of Florida government. The department helps agencies and employees with workforce and business-related functions. The agency aims to reduce administrative overhead. 

Allende also served as Senior Advisor and Director of Strategic Initiatives at the United States Department of Energy and a Counselor to the Secretary and White House Liaison at the United States Department of Labor. 

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