DeSantis Blasts “Biden’s Failed Border Policies” at Roundtable

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

February 7, 2022 Updated 1:52 PM ET

February 7, 2022 Updated 1:50 P.M. ET

MIAMI (FCV) – Governor Ron DeSantis (R) hosted a roundtable in Miami at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, which was host to some migrants who arrived in Florida via Operation Pedro Pan, a church that was accepting Cuban refugees fleeing oppression by their government.

At the roundtable, DeSantis dug into President Joe Biden’s (D) border policies.

Bianca Padro Ocasio posted a picture of a flyer media were handed at the press conference that detailed failures of the Biden Administration’s border policies.

“In just one year, the federal government released 107,000 unaccompanied alien children to sponsors – the highest number ever,” it says.

Some other notable statistics the flyer exposes about the Biden Administration include:
– 75% of unaccompanied alien children in 2021 were aged 15-17, and two-thirds of them were male
– Between January and May 2021, federal contractors responsible for placing unaccompanied children with sponsors across the U.S. were unable to reach the minor or sponsor in one-third of attempts
– In 2021, Border Patrol agents seized 1,000 pounds of fentanyl, enough to kill 226 million people
– Fentanyl was the leading cause of death for Americans between 18 and 45 in 2021
– The Department of Homeland Security reported a 35% increase in human trafficking arrests in 2021

Former Pedro Pan refugee Maximo Alvarez told DeSantis that his organization is “completely behind” him. Alvarez was speaking on his own behalf, not on behalf of the organization itself.

In tears, Alvarez remarked, “Don’t dare ever compare what is happening now,” in reference to comparisons of Operation Pedro Pan to current crises at the southern border. He said that criticism on DeSantis is meant to “destroy you.”

“We’re going to die supporting you.”

Illegal immigration has been a hot-button topic in the American culture war, with conservatives opposing it while mainstream leftists taking a soft approach to it, desiring amnesty, open borders, or a combination of the two. DeSantis and Republicans are more tough on the border, and polls have consistently shown a reluctance of the American public accepting illegal immigrants.

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