DeSantis Campaign Launches Sign to Mock Democrats “In This House” Yard Sign: “Fauci Knows Best”

April 26, 2022 Updated 3:49 PM ET

yard sign desantis

April 26, 2022 Updated 3:48 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – The Ron DeSantis campaign launched what they call the “freedom version” of the new yard sign to contradict the Democrats “in this house” yard sign. 

DeSantis’ new yard sign says “In this house, we: believe parents know best, back the blue, tell Dr. Fauci to pound sand, value our freedom and liberty, love our Governor, Ron DeSantis.”

“Political yard signs are no stranger to campaigns, but there’s never been one like this before for conservatives – until now,” DeSantis’ campaign said. 

The new sign for conservatives aim to make fun of the Democrats’ signs. 

This liberal yard sign claims “the Government is always right,” “Fauci knows best,” “socialism over capitalism,” “masks should be mandatory,” and “wokeness is everything.”

“Governor DeSantis’ freedom record speaks for itself. He stands for parents’ rights. He backs the Blue. He tells Fauci to pound sand. He protects freedom and liberty. He fights for everything this sign says and more,” the DeSantis campaign said. 

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