DeSantis Declares No Vaccine Mandates ‘As Long as I’m Here’ as CDC Recommends Updated COVID Booster Shots

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

September 15, 2022 Updated 3:07 PM ET


NICEVILLE (FLV) – In light of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommending Americans take their updated COVID-19 booster shots, Gov. Ron DeSantis had strong words for those advocating for mandates.

At a press conference promoting the trucking industry, the governor touted his protecting not only employees, but also students, from being mandated to get the vaccine: “We were able to protect [not just truckers, but all workers], you name it – we also banned any school district from forcing COVID shots on students.”

On the boosters, DeSantis balked at the idea of expanding vaccine mandates.

“They would want to mandate these new boosters that are coming out… Fauci said ‘We don’t have time for a clinical trial.’ Ok, well, why should that be forced on anybody, then? I mean, give me a break! They did eight mice and then they’re gonna try to force you to take this?” he said.

The CDC said the new boosters cover more variants of COVID-19. Preliminary findings from Pfizer were based on tests done in eight mice.

DeSantis has long stood against vaccine mandates before the boosters were recommended, fighting against the Special Olympics mandate, urging cruise lines to drop mandates, urging the U.S. federal government to drop the healthcare vaccine mandate, and inviting U.S. military members kicked out due to vaccine status to join the Florida State Guard.

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