DeSantis Destroys Fake News Reporter: “People Don’t Trust People Like You”

March 8, 2022 Updated 8:45 AM ET

March 8, 2022 Updated 8:25 A.M. ET

PLANT CITY (FCV) – At an appearance Monday where strawberry shortcake was declared the “official state dessert,” Governor Ron DeSantis (R) hammered reporter Evan Donovan for manipulatively naming the Parental Rights in Education Act the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

“I want to ask about [The parental Rights in Education Act], what critics call the “Don’t Say Gay Bill-,” Donovan asked, who was promptly cut off with DeSantis saying, “Does it say that in the bill?”

“I’m asking you to tell me what’s in the bill because you are pushing false narratives – it doesn’t matter what critics say,” he continued.

Donovan replied that the bill “bans classroom discussion on sexual identity and sexual orientation-,” with DeSantis replying, “For who?”

“For grades Pre-K through 3 – so 5 year-olds, 6 year-olds, 7 year-olds, and um, the idea that you wouldn’t be honest about that and tell people what it actually says – it’s why people don’t trust people like you, because you peddle false narratives,” he continued.

“We’re gonna make sure that parents are able to send their kid to kindergarten without having some of this stuff injected into their school curriculum.”

The Act, HB 1557, which is essentially anti-grooming legislation, is being considered by the Florida Senate and has already been passed by the Florida House of Representatives.

Protests are occurring almost daily at the Florida Capitol, but the bill is still likely to get to DeSantis’ desk. He has indicated he supports the bill. It was proposed by Florida State Representative Joe Harding (R).

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