DeSantis-Endorsed April Carney for School Board Facing Off Against ‘Teacher’s Union and Radical Leftists’

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

August 12, 2022 Updated 4:56 PM ET

April Carney for School Board District 2, Duval County.
April Carney for School Board District 2, Duval County.

August 12, 2022 Updated 4:53 P.M. ET

DUVAL COUNTY (FLV) – April Carney, running for school board in Duval County District 2, is facing fierce opposition from Democrats in the race.

Her campaign told Florida’s Voice she is fighting hard in the face of “the teacher’s union and radical leftists” trying to defeat her.

“I’m running to put students and families first in Jacksonville schools, and won’t back down from the teacher’s union and radical leftists who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars against me,” she said. “This campaign is about doing what is best for each and every student, not teacher’s unions or partisan interests.”

The school board candidate – a wife and mother of two girls – says she plans to put families first, “keep the next generation safe,” promote “smarter school spending,” and investing in “vocational and technical programs.”

Carney is endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds, incoming Speaker of the Florida House Paul Renner, the Florida Fraternal Order of Police, and State Rep. Jason Fischer, among others like the 1776 Project and Moms for Liberty.

“As a proud wife and mother of two girls, April believes that families know what is best for their children – not bureaucrats or elected officials. She supports parental choice for every Jacksonville family and is a strong believer in promoting school choice options, including, public, charter, homeschool and dual enrollment,” they continued.

On keeping the next generation safe, the campaign told Florida’s Voice their top priority will be “school safety at every level.”

“I will support and stand side by side with our first responders to ensure that every child is kept safe.”

On school spending, Carney emphasized her “business principles” will help her ensure public funds are used wisely: “I will fight to cut wasteful spending, balance the budget, and keep the tax burden low on our hard-working families.”

Carney said she plans to “prepare our students for the jobs of today and forever.” The candidate said she opposes graduates being forced to go to college to support their family: “Investing in vocational training will be a priority for me.”

“It’s past time for our school board to STOP playing politics and to get back to common sense. April is a Common Sense Conservative who believes in a robust education that focuses on literacy and math, not activism and agendas,” she says on her campaign website.

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