DeSantis Fires Back at The View for ‘Lying’ About Campaign Donation Auto Pay ‘Grift’

July 19, 2022 Updated 11:04 AM ET


July 19, 2022 Updated 11:04 A.M. ET

JACKSONVILLE (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis fired back at a talk show for claiming the DeSantis campaign automatically signs donors up for autopay without their consent.

“I got accused by some of these people on one of these shows about, oh, you know, he’s raising all this money, people want to donate to him,” DeSantis said. “And they tried to say that like we had auto donate where it keeps going every month.”

“We do not do that.”

The governor brought up the comments at a press conference Monday after The View recently claimed the DeSantis campaign scammed his supporters.

“For folks who aren’t familiar, what a lot of these apps and websites do is you click to give once and it actually signs you up to recurringly give. It is so unfair. It is a grift,” said Alyssa Farah on The View.

Sunny Hostin responded with “people are losing their homes!”

On the DeSantis campaign’s website, visitors can check the box to sign up for a recurring donation.

“You donate, fine. You can click a button to make it auto. We do not do that auto because we don’t want people to have these charges if that’s not something they didn’t agree with,” DeSantis said.

“So they tried to act like I was doing that. So they were lying about that.”

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