DeSantis: ‘Remain Vigilant’ As Tropical Depression Forms In Caribbean, Forecasted to Move Towards Florida

By Amber Jo Cooper, Florida's Voice

September 23, 2022 Updated 11:58 AM ET

Desantis protecting

Update: NOAA forecasts Nine to approach the Florida peninsula early next week with the potential to cause “significant impact” from wind and flooding, but strength and exact location still uncertain.

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis is advising Floridians to “remain vigilant” as a Tropical Depression, now known as Nine, has formed in the central Caribbean Sea.

DeSantis says Floridians should ensure their households are prepared for a potential impact.

WESH reports the Tropical Depression may become a hurricane on Monday with potential impacts to Florida next week.

The National Hurricane Center says people on the eastern U.S. Gulf Coast, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and western Cuba should closely monitor this system. For tips on how to prepare for severe weather, head to

Eric Daugherty contributed to this report.

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