DeSantis’ Office Slams UN Report on Rioting Law: Only the People of Florida Have ‘Any Bearing on the Governance’ Over the State

August 31, 2022 Updated 11:10 AM ET


TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – The Miami Herald detailed how a United Nations committee claimed Florida’s ‘anti-riot’ law “infringes on the right to protest” and asked Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office for their response.

The law – HB 1 – was passed in reaction to Black Lives Matter and left-wing riots in the summer of 2020 by Florida lawmakers.

“The Committee is concerned about reports of increasing legislative measures and initiatives at the state level that unduly restrict the right to peaceful assembly following anti-racism protests in recent years, such as the HB1 Combating Public Disorder law in Florida,” the United Nations’ “Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination” said.

The report recommends that the United States “take all necessary measures to ensure the exercise of the right to peaceful assembly without any discrimination.”

The law cracking down on violent and destructive rioting enhances penalties for assault “in furtherance of a riot,” cracks down on participating in violent riots or violent public disturbances that result in “specified damage or injury,” and opened a legal avenue for “specified elected officials” to appeal decisions if a municipality reduces “the operating budget” of local law enforcement.

In response to the United Nations’ comments on how Florida creates and enforces its laws, press secretary for the governor Bryan Griffin fired back, asserting Florida’s independence from the international body.

“The people of Florida are the only ones with ‘any bearing on the governance’ of the state,” the Miami Herald reports of Griffin’s response.

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“They, through their elected representatives and the passage of legislation this previous session, have decided that employees in a work setting and children in the school setting should not be subjected to racially discriminatory concepts; that it should be easy to vote and hard to cheat in Florida’s elections; and that law and order must be maintained,” Griffin told the Miami Herald. “The governor supports these efforts and the will of the people of Florida.”

The United Nations has no legal authority over the Florida state government.

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