DeSantis Slams Biden Administration for Cancelling Monoclonals: “That is NOT the way you treat people in this country”

January 27, 2022 Updated 4:02 PM ET

January 27, 2021 Updated 3:46 P.M. ET

MIAMI (FCV) – At a Miami roundtable Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) slammed the Biden Administration for their handling of monoclonal antibody treatment distribution and their decision to abruptly cancel their authorization, putting those who needed treatment out of luck.

“We’re very much opposed to the way that, particularly, the thousands of Floridians who were in the system waiting to get treatment – to them wake up to an email saying these treatments are now prohibited? And tough luck, go take an Aspirin,” he said.

“That’s just fundamentally wrong, that is not the way you treat people in this country.”

On the claim that monoclonals “do not work” against Omicron and have bad side effects, DeSantis responded. “That is not true, based on what we have seen in the state of Florida.”

“It is a lie designed to buttress, politically, a position they have taken, which is just indefensible, as a matter of policy, as a matter of basic decency for people,” he continued.

“And you know what, people don’t believe the lies because they understand how ridiculous it is.”

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