DeSantis Slams Democrats for Using Nazi Protest to Smear Him

February 1, 2022 Updated 9:58 AM ET

February 1, 2021 Updated 9:57 A.M. ET

PALM BEACH (FCV) – At a press conference Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) slammed Democrats for using an Orlando Nazi protest to attack and smear him.

“These Democrats who are trying to use this as some type of political issue to try to smear me as if I had something to do with this – we’re not playing their game. You know, some jackasses, you know, doing this on the street – first of all, state law enforcement is gonna hold them accountable because they were doing stuff on the overpass,” DeSantis said.

“I’m not gonna have people try to smear me that belong to a political party that has elevated anti-Semites to the halls of Congress like Ilhan Omar, that have played footsie with the BDS movement, that even have people in their party that have cavorted with Farrakhan,” he continued.

“[We’ve] signed the strongest anti-Semitism bill in the country, we’ve stared down companeis who were indulged in BDS, like Airbnb, and we’ve won. We’ve provided record funding for Jewish day schools, and we’ve had the strongest relationship between Florida and Israel than we ever had.”

Leftists took to social media to use the Nazi protest in Orlando to attack conservatives and DeSantis-supporters, with Florida state Senator Shevrin Jones (D) using the protest to paint the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon,” as a Nazi phrase:

In reality, “Let’s Go Brandon” is a memetic slogan used to express discontent with President Joe Biden (D), and is not in any way related to National Socialism (Nazism). Democrats regularly try to paint conservatives like DeSantis as “Nazis,” with Nikki Fried, Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate and Agriculture Commissioner, comparing DeSantis to Adolf Hitler.

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