DeSantis Slams ‘Hit Pieces’ of Christina Pushaw Registering as Foreign Agent for Public Volunteering in Georgia: ‘Nobody Believes Their Garbage!’

June 8, 2022 Updated 3:01 PM ET


June 8, 2022 Updated 2:44 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – This week, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, registered as a “foreign agent” of a former president of Georgia, whom she worked with from 2018-2020, the Washington Post reported.

During her time abroad, Pushaw did volunteer work with former President Mikheil Saakashvili. In a statement from her attorney, Michael Sherwin, Florida’s Voice was told that she was paid around $25,000 to cover living expenses.

Pushaw told Florida’s Voice that “retroactive filing is routine.”

“I voluntarily complied as soon as I was notified that I might be required to file,” she said.

Democrat politicians Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried, both vying for DeSantis’ seat as governor, lambasted the governor and Pushaw for the registration.

“As governor, I won’t have an unregistered foreign agent as my spokesperson. Because I’m not Ron DeSantis,” Fried said.

Crist, falsely titling Pushaw, said, “Well, looks like Ron DeSantis’ Communications Director is a secret foreign agent. That tracks.” DeSantis’ communications director is Taryn Fenske.

Pushaw did not keep her time in Georgia secret, she told Florida’s Voice.

“I have been very open about my past work in Georgia, which ended in 2020 – six months before I came to Florida. This has nothing to do with my work or the governor’s office.”

When asked about Pushaw’s work in Georgia, DeSantis laughed it off, saying, “Nobody believes their garbage.”

“They wanna smear, and so they will do hit pieces.”

David Weissman, a “former Trump supporter” and opinion writer for Occupy Democrats, parted with left-wing talking points on Pushaw, saying, “[Pushaw] filed right away as soon as she was told that she needed to register. I give her the benefit of the doubt she would have registered sooner if she knew that was something she had to do.”

“This to me is a nothing burger,” he said.

Louise Mensch, a pro-Ukraine journalist, noted that the Georgian politician Pushaw worked with was “anti-Kremlin.” He was president when Russia invaded the small Eastern European country.

“I know nobody is going to want to hear this becasue everything in our politics is blindly partisan, but [Pushaw], although she should have registered under FARFA before, was acting for one of the anti-Kremlin good guys,” she Tweeted.

A YouTube search can find video of Pushaw discussing Eastern European politics, her area of expertise, in an interview from June 2019.

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