DeSantis Slams Slow Midterm Vote Counting in Other States: ‘How Pathetic!’

November 16, 2022 Updated 7:46 PM ET

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MATLACHA (FLV) – During a press conference on Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed slow vote counting in other states more than a week after election day.

“How is it that the state of Florida, the Monday before the election we can declare a state of emergency for [Hurricane] Nicole, conduct an election, count 7.7 million votes by midnight, next morning we’re at the EOC [Emergency Operations Center], storm hits, you have washouts of A1A, other parts, we repair that by the weekend, and these other states are still counting their votes from the election – how pathetic is that!” DeSantis said.

As of Wednesday morning, a handful of House races have still not been called in California, Colorado, and other states.

Florida was one of the quickest states to count their votes in 2022, despite being one of the largest.

DeSantis has made it a priority of his administration since he was elected to secure elections and promote efficiency.

A vast majority of Florida’s Republican-favored results were in by 8 p.m. EST. Upwards of 8 million Floridians voted this cycle, with millions of those votes already reported to the major networks within the hour.

DeSantis was re-elected as governor after beating former Democrat U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist on Nov 8.

The Governor received over 4.6 million votes, whereas Crist received just over 3 million votes.

Races in Florida were called early largely due to the presumed GOP landslide and a historic flipping of blue counties like Miami-Dade and Palm Beach, leaving no path to victory for statewide Democrats.

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