DeSantis: SunPass Discounts On the Way for Commuters

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

August 25, 2022 Updated 2:05 PM ET

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ORLANDO (FLV) – Florida drivers could receive SunPass discounts for their daily commutes beginning September 1st.

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the SunPass Savings Program to provide discounts to Floridians using Florida Department of Transportation and turnpike facilities for daily commutes.

About 400,000 SunPass customers using FDOT and turnpike operating roads are expected to benefit. An estimated $40 million could be returned to customers over the next six months through the program.

“And if you look at people who have to use these ever day, it adds up very quickly,” DeSantis said.

Customers with 40 tolls or more every month will receive a 20% credit to their SunPass account every month. Customers with 80 or more tolls will receive at 25% credit on their bill every month.

“This adds up to give people some breathing room because the inflation is costing people thousands of dollars a year,” he said. “So we can do some relief here and there.”

On average, customers using FDOT Turnpike facilities for their daily commute spend $50 per month on tolls. This program could save the average commuter $60 over the next six months.

There is no paperwork to fill out, DeSantis said. As long as the account is good standing, people can receive the discount. The governor said the map to the roads and the program can be found on

The state does not have the authority to provide the discount for the Central Florida Expressway and for some of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority roads.

The program will continue for six months until the legislative session begins where DeSantis wants lawmakers to address the discount for roads including the Central Florida Expressway and Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.

A corrections deputy with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office shared at the press conference about her 2,000 mile commute every month to work.

“Having the ability to affordably use these toll roads gives us something else you can’t put a price on. Time,” Mariah said.

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