DeSantis Talks Disney, Defending Parents, and ‘Brandon Blundering’ at Moms for Liberty

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

July 15, 2022 Updated 1:31 PM ET

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks to guests at the Nebraska Steak Fry in Nebraska City, Neb. (Right Cheer).
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks to guests at the Nebraska Steak Fry in Nebraska City, Neb. (Right Cheer).

July 15, 2022 Updated 1:30 P.M. ET

TAMPA (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke to parents about his battle as governor to give parents more rights in their child’s education at the Moms for Liberty National Summit Friday.

“You have a right to know what curriculum is being used in your children’s classrooms,” DeSantis said. “And why someone would want to lock parents out of that, why they would not want parents to be involved in that is really beyond me.”

The governor provided a behind-the-curtain look into his support for the Parental Rights in Education Act. That law prohibits K-3 graders from being taught about sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools. Democrats dubbed it “Don’t Say Gay.”

When the bill first appeared in the Florida legislature, the governor said he did not know the ins and outs of it. 

“And then the media, they start badgering me about this bill, and they’re using these phrases, and they’re echoing the left,” DeSantis said. “And I’m like, Okay, wait a minute, I know the drill here, they are creating a narrative and they’re lying.”

After asking staff about the legislation, the governor started to fight in support of it.

“If you believe and it’s your position, that these young kids should be sexualized in that manner, you’re wrong,” he said. “But you should have to stand by that publicly. You shouldn’t be able to skirt the issue.”

The Walt Disney Company became the center of the controversy after the company came out against the Parental Rights in Education law. DeSantis described the conversation that took place with Disney before the bill was signed into law. 

“I told them, I said, you’re nuts to get involved in this,” he explained. “I was like, are you kidding me? Parents with Kids. That’s your number one audience.”

Disney has stood as a massive political power in Florida. So when the company vowed to have the Parental Rights in Education law repealed, the governor fought back. 

“I’m thinking to myself, you know, this is the state of Florida. Our process does not even concern you,” he said. 

Florida Republicans swiftly passed legislation to revoke the company’s “special privileges” to regulate certain areas without government. 

“But I am not going to have our state’s laws put this one company on a pedestal and give them special treatment,” DeSantis said. 

The governor touted the “Stop WOKE Act” which prohibits educators and workplace employers from teaching people that their “moral character” is determined by race, sex, or national origin. He sifted out Critical Race Theory in textbooks for classes like mathematics.

“Americans are sick of these companies and their stupid activism,” DeSantis said. 

Curriculum transparency for parents was a key topic during his speech as the governor mentioned legislation that aims to preserve the rights of parents to make decisions about the materials their children are exposed to in school. 

“Some of these libraries, you know, you’ll have these like elementary school, middle school, and it’s just explicit, it’s just not appropriate,” he said. “And so parents need to be able to know that and to be able to lodge objections.”

There has been a laser focus on school board races across the country and the governor has weighed into the matter. The governor has endorsed dozens of candidates for local races. He said it did not make sense to see conservative counties with left wing school boards. 

“So what we’re looking to do is really help candidates who are walking the walk, who have strong values, who are going to be there for parents,” DeSantis said.  

As gas inflation soars and gas prices remain high, the governor took a shot at President Joe Biden, or as the governor calls him, “Brandon.”

“You see Brandon blundering around in the White House and the bad energy policy that you see every time you go get to fill up the gas and grocery bills and all that,” DeSantis said.

The speech ended with Governor DeSantis applauding Florida for “meeting the challenges” and “not backing down.”

“We’ve accomplished an awful lot, but we are not letting up,” he said. “And we are on a mission to keep Florida free. Thank you.”

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