DeSantis: The Left is Having a ‘Spasm’ Because ‘We’re Winning’

June 14, 2022 Updated 7:34 AM ET

DeSantis crowd

June 14, 2022  Updated 7:34 A.M. ET

NEW YORK CITY (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis said on Fox and Friends Monday that his successes as Governor have caused the left to have a “spasm.”

“These are leftists and the fact of the matter is they are having a spasm about me because we’re winning in Florida,” DeSantis said. “They see that and they don’t like that.”

Governor DeSantis spoke at the Tikvah Fund’s Jewish Leadership Conference Sunday despite protests and pushback from local lawmakers. 

The Tikvah Fund had originally planned to schedule the conference at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, when they were reportedly “canceled” for announcing DeSantis would speak. However, The Museum of Jewish Heritage said in a statement that “no one was banned or cancelled” in a statement on Twitter

“They would find something to be able to pitch a fit about but you know what? I am not going to let them cancel me,” DeSantis said. “We spoke and we were happy to do that. And after all, as the Governor of Florida, me of anyone should be able to speak in front of all these future Florida voters that are moving down to my state.”

DeSantis Speaks at Jewish Conference Despite Democrat Opposition: ‘They Tried to Cancel Me But Here I stand’

The event took place at Chelsea Piers where people in protest held signs saying “Bricks 4 DeSantis,” “DeSantis is a tyrant,” and “Don’t Say DeSantis.”

“There was a protest outside Chelsea Piers but honestly I was a little bit disappointed,” DeSantis said. “I was hoping we’d have more protesters.” 

The Governor has become well-known around the country for his anti-lockdown approach during the pandemic and devoted stance against mask and vaccine mandates.

DeSantis Says Disney Privileges Were Revoked for “Attacking” FL Parents: “Walt Disney Would Not Want That”

He also staunchly supports the Parental Rights in Education Law, which Democrats have dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Law,” that prevents educators from teaching students in K-3 about gender ideology. Democrats say the law discriminates against people with different gender identities while Republicans say students should not learn about gender identity at a young age from a teacher. 

The Governor also had Disney’s special privileges revoked after the company “vowed” to have the Parental Rights in Education Law repealed.

Poll: Disney’s Reputation Plummets After Opposing Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law

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