Disney Employees Speaking Out in Support of FL’s Parental Rights Law

April 4, 2022 Updated 6:54 AM ET

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom (Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf)
Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom (Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf)

April 4, 2022 Updated 6:52 A.M. ET

BURBANK (FCV) – As the Walt Disney Company has declared war on Florida’s H.B. 1557, which they and other left-wing activists call the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” several Disney cast members are beginning to speak out in opposition to the company’s activism.

Veteran Navy intelligence officer an Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec released images of internal staff message boards of Disney employees that are supportive of H.B. 1557 after Governor Ron DeSantis’ approval.

“I support the bill. I’m gay and I think any form of sexual education shouldn’t be taught until you’re older and able to understand it,” one cast member said.

“They don’t even start going through puberty until maybe 4th the earliest. So leave the bill alone because it isn’t infringing on ANY members of the LGBT community nor is it the heterosexual one,” they continued.

Another cast member said that they “know a lot of Gay and other members [of the LGBTQ community] who support this bill because they realized as they got older that this is something that they are!”

“As a parent I would want my child’s teacher to come to me and tell me what is going on. I fully believe that Disney should not be involved in anything political at all,” they went on.

In another comment, one said that “Disney should not be taking a political stance on anything that affects ALL of [its] employees one way or another. No matter which side you take, you are excluding the other. Let the work place be the work place, and live your life at your own house. Love and respect to all,” they said.

One Disney cast member said to “Let children be children.”

Internal communications of cast members at the Walt Disney Company (Jack Posobiec)

“Most everyone is ignorant as to what the actual wording of what the bill says and who it applies to. It doesn’t apply to gay or trans. It applies to our education system,” they went on.

“The Governor of Florida along with the state legislature felt compelled to write a bill that gives the rights to the parents of raising their kids as well as having regulations to our school systems.”

“If kids ask about sex, then I believe it is the parents[‘] responsibility and discretion, but also if teachers are asked from the students then the teachers need to communicate it to the parents as noted in the bill,” they concluded.

The names of the cast members are redacted to “protect anonymity,” Posobiec said.

“Sounds like workers just wanting to do their jobs,” he remarked on the obtained images.

At a campaign stop last week, DeSantis blasted Disney for vowing to get the law repealed.

“I don’t care what the media says. I don’t care what Walt Disney Company says. Here I stand. Do you see me backing down? No way!,” he said.

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