DeSantis Signs GOP-Favoring Congressional Map Into Law

April 23, 2022 Updated 10:48 AM ET

The FL legislature fully passed Gov. Ron DeSantis' proposed redistricting map (4/21/22)
The FL legislature fully passed Gov. Ron DeSantis' proposed redistricting map (4/21/22)

April 22, 2022 Updated 5:19 P.M. ET

HIALEAH (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Friday he signed Florida’s new Congressional map into law. This comes after Florida lawmakers approved the map during a special session this week. 

DeSantis proposed the new map which could give Republicans more seats. 

The map eliminates two districts, District 5 and District 10, that are drawn in favor of a minority black population to elect a Democrat in their respective districts. 

Republicans said the new map is constitutional and avoids racial gerrymandering while Democrats claim it disenfranchises black voters and violates the Fair Districts amendment Florida voters passed in 2010. 

Alex Kelly is the Governor’s executive chief of staff and presented the maps to House and Senate committee members Tuesday. Kelly said District 10 in Orange County does not have a significant amount of minorities to elect a candidate of their choice. That district is 26% black. 

“The minority community does not on its own have enough strength to elect a candidate of its choice,” Kelly said in committee. 

But Democrats claim District 5 currently is a ‘minority’ protected district under the Voting Rights Act. Alfred Lawson (D) represents the district in Congress. However, FL-5 is currently 46.5% black. 

“It is disgraceful that this legislative body would be willing to sacrifice black representation at the altar of this Governor’s political ambitions,” said Democrat State Representative Dotie Joseph. 

As expected by both Democrats and Republicans, a lawsuit was filed Friday over the new map. 

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