FACT CHECK: Cory Mills Did Not ‘Attack’ Peaceful January 6th Protestors

August 22, 2022 Updated 10:11 AM ET

false graphic 08-22-2022

FLORIDA (FLV) – District 7 Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini claimed his opponent, Cory Mills, attacked January 6th protesters and called them terrorists in an interview with Newsmax.

VERDICT: False. Anthony Sabatini’s tweet did not provide the full context to Mill’s statements. Cory Mills in a Newsmax interview condemned “terroristic behavior” and slammed Democrats for their silence on violent Antifa riots. He clarified he was calling ‘Antifa’ terrorists and said the left-wing groups infiltrated the January 6th protests.

“And that means also holding those accountable. That’s what this president has done, far better than the left did when they refused to outlaw Antifa’s ideas when they were burning our city’s down and creating travesty with all the other businesses that they were setting fire to,” Mills said. “So I’m a little bit upset right now and I hate what I’m seeing right now. And I hope the president goes for the insurrection act and holds all of those accountable.”

Mills also took to social media on Jan. 6, 2021 to condemn Antifa as ‘sheep in wolves clothing.’

“Sheep in Wolves clothing,” Mills said. “Antifa always counter protests. They didn’t today because they are attempting to infiltrate and create a narrative to balance their anarchist ideals.”

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