FACT CHECK: Nikki Fried LIES About DeSantis Raising Gas Tax

March 22, 2022 Updated 11:14 AM ET


By Eric Daugherty

November 19, 2021 Updated 3:19 P.M. ET

CLAIM: Ron DeSantis raised the Florida gas tax

CLAIMANT: Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried

FACT CHECK: According to Gary Fineout, the source of Fried’s allegation, Florida’s gas tax increased “because of CPI [consumer price index].”

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Friday, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) of “RAISING gas taxes.”

Conservatives quickly fact checked Fried, noting her inaccurate statement.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ Press Secretary, criticized Politico Playbook author Gary Fineout of maliciously wording a report to convince readers that DeSantis is responsible for the tax increase.

In response, Gary Fineout effectively fact checked Fried, saying that “[the gas tax] went up because of CPI [consumer price index].”

Fineout claims that his Politico piece made clear that the gas tax increases are due to the CPI. However, to accompany “The day Florida Democrats dreaded,” his tweet thread painted DeSantis as responsible for the tax increase.

FCV has fact checked Fried in the past for misstatements on COVID-19 data relating to school mask mandates, which DeSantis outlawed. 

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