FBI Domestic Terrorism Guide Targets Users of ‘Don’t Tread on Me,’ Betsy Ross Flags, 2nd Amendment Supporters

August 3, 2022 Updated 1:02 PM ET

"Militia Violent Extremism," Federal Bureau of Investigation Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide (Project Veritas).

August 3, 2022 Updated 1:02 P.M. ET

WASHINGTON (FLV) – Project Veritas obtained leaked documents from an FBI whistleblower exposing “symbols” of “domestic terrorism” entirely characterizing conservative and limited government imagery.

Imagery the “INTERNAL USE ONLY” FBI document references include the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread on Me”), the Betsy Ross Flag (American flag with 13, rather than 50, stars, to represent the 13 American colonies), the Liberty Tree (spot of defiance before the American Revolution in Boston), and ‘2A’ imagery (referencing the existence of the Second Amendment).

The document released by Veritas is titled “Militia Violent Extremism” and says the imagery are used by “Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists” and are found on “propaganda, online platforms, memes, merchandise, group logos, flags, tattoos, uniforms etc.” The FBI clarifies that use of the symbols alone is not evidence of violence, saying that “many individuals” use them for their “original, historic meaning, or other non-violent purposes.”

Another page of the document identifies “common phrases and references” used by domestic terrorists like “well regulated militia” and classifies Ashli Babbit as a martyr, who was killed during the January 6th “Capitol Siege 2021.”

“Militia Violent Extremism,” Federal Bureau of Investigation Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide (Project Veritas).

This week, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that the state would be selling ‘Don’t Treat on Me’ license plates, imagery referenced by the FBI.

“The free state of Florida has a new license plate for pre-order that benefits the Florida Veterans Foundation and sends a clear message to out-of-state cars, ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ or Florida,” DeSantis said.

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