FGCU Teaches “Automatic Racism Against Black People,” Graded on Harvard Racial Test

February 28, 2022 Updated 12:58 PM ET

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February 28th, 2022 Updated 12:44 P.M. ET

FORT MYERS (FCV) – FCV has obtained troubling course material from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) which depicts the teaching of “automatic racism against black people.” Students will be graded on a Harvard Racial Implicit Association Test (IAT).

The course is Social Psychology, SOP 4004, taught by Diane Sasnett-Martichuski. FGCU receives taxpayer funds from the State of Florida.

In the “Chapter 7” slide show given to students, slide 9 teaches about “implicit attitudes.” The professor adds in the slide that “Implicit attitudes are at the basis of our automatic racism against black people in this country.

SOP 4004 (FGCU) “Chapter 7” slide show

The idea of an “automatic racism” corresponds with the teaching and application of Critical Race Theory (CRT), which states that racism is “inherent in the law and legal institutions of the United States,” according to Britannica.

Additionally, students are required to take the “Race IAT” test, screenshot their results and submit them, and answer graded questions on the test.

SOP 4004 (FGCU) required “Assignment 3”

If students do not participate in the activity enforcing CRT, they will receive a failed grade on the assignment worth 40 points.

FCV reached out to FGCU for comment on the course material.

“FGCU fosters academic freedom and free speech, and we also encourage students to have open debate and dialogue with their professors. If a student feels uncomfortable about topics that are discussed as part of this (or any other) course, they should speak with the faculty member or the department chair to resolve the issue,” they said.

FGCU also said that SOP 4004 is an elective course, meaning it is not technically required by students to graduate. However, courses of that type are required and the student was not made aware that they would be forced into participating in CRT-enforcing material.

The student would have to “drop” the class to stop taking it, which would incur a penalty on their grade point average. They would also owe hundreds of dollars to FGCU.

FCV also spoke with Christina Pushaw, the Press Secretary for Governor Ron DeSantis, on the public university’s fostering of required CRT teaching.

“This is yet another example of how higher education has been coopted into devaluing the very reasons why students are on campus – projects that are teaching young people to hate their peers, while simultaneously distracting students from obtaining a high-quality education that prepares them for opportunity and success in professional life,” she said.

DeSantis announced that CRT and “CRT-inspired ideology” would be prohibited from K-12 schools in the Sunshine State, and the State Board of Education issued rules to ensure students were not being taught toxic “race essentialism.”

On the topic of universities, she said, “The legislature is now considering reforms proposed by the governor to protect university students and employees from discrimination, including racial discrimination that is a common feature of CRT-inspired content and applied Critical Race Theory in the classroom.”

If DeSantis can sign legislation enforcing CRT-inspired discriminatory ideology being banned from Florida universities by June 30th, the potential law would take effect July 1.

“So if all goes according to plan, we anticipate having these updated anti-discrimination protections for university students in place before the beginning of the Fall 2022 semester,” she continued.

FCV previously reported on Florida State University teaching the same Harvard IAT test.

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