First Lady Casey DeSantis Announces New Mentoring Initiative for At-Risk Youth in Florida

By Leah Leonard, Florida's Voice

February 1, 2022 Updated 3:47 PM ET

February 1, 2022 Updated 3:46 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Monday, First Lady Casey DeSantis announced the launch of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s new mentoring initiative. This initiative is called “One Mentor, One Child.” 

This statewide initiative will match mentors with local at-risk youth. Volunteer Florida is partnering with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to recruit mentors and match them with an adolescent. 

The goal of this match is to build a strong relationship and give the youth a positive role model. 

“Mentoring can change the trajectory of a child’s entire life by building a strong connection with a caring adult who can help guide them away from dangerous activities and toward a successful future,” DeSantis stated. 

Mentors will provide at-risk youth with guidance and support. This support will positively impact children in Florida and expand their future opportunities. 

“We look forward to working with them as they seek out mentors who can give their time and talents back to youth so they can learn, grow, and realize their full potential,” said Volunteer Florida Chief Executive Officer Simon. 

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